Company Profile
HOUSTY Homelift products, adhering to the consistent style of British design, HOUSTY Homelift designers not only pay attention to the appearance of the product, but also emphasize the technical structure and practicality of the product, reflecting the deep combination of product design and engineering technology.
From the elegant atmosphere of the overall style to the thoughtful humanization of design details, HOUSTY Homelift presents consumers with the profound brand heritage of the British lift brand with the simple design and technology precipitation of the higher realm of the old industrial system country. The establishment of the Suzhou production base represents the successful entry of the HOUSTY brand into the domestic market, introducing the European home lift industry standard into China, and bringing value-added price enjoyment to Chinese consumers by adopting the in-cabinet assembly mode.
Corporate Philosophy
Inheriting the beauty of industrial design with the spirit of craftsmanship, with outstanding quality to establish the industry model.
With both aesthetics and practicality, meeting the diversified desires of customers, adapting to daily life scene.
To achieve the aesthetics of home space.
Journey to Light
Starting from space philosophy and life aesthetics,
we present the brand image with the concept of artwork,
which is more inclined to the embodiment of the emotional value of life.
Let the nobility and creativity be futuristic,
and use some surreal expression techniques
to make the lift an art of living.
Leading the development
of the homelift industry
with higher efficiency & innovation!
lights up world

HOUSTY always adheres to the social responsibility into the operation management system, and implements the social responsibilities in manufacture, safety, environmental protection, sta's right, and social public welfare.


Firmly build safety awareness, and system for the functional departments in the whole process.

Green & Environmental

Promote the sustainable development of society through sustainable material selection and energy saving, and most of the components can be recycled.

Customizing High Value Solutions for Realizing Your Ideal Life

International Exchange
Family Day
Perfect Benefits
Care for employees and partners

Leveraging the company's British cultural heritage, giving full play to the leading role of international cultural exchanges, we have set up a series of sound and perfect British-style welfare systems for employees and partners, attracting global high-quality talents and partners to join.

Caring for special groups

Caring starts from the family, and our original design is to serve special groups in the family, so from the source of product development, priority is given to the travel needs of the elderly, children and pregnant women. Special research and development of safety patent lift components for the elderly are used in environmentally friendly materials, such as woven carpets made of imported environmentally friendly materials, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion and washable.

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