Exceptional Design Creates Lifting Art

Professional design, to be perfect fit with home aesthetics. 

Well-chosen colour to express fashionable character, change traditional lift’s dull-style. 

Sightseeing glass and metal shaft flexible match, balance the appearance and personal privacy. 

Unique automatic door system, atmosphere and intelligence.

Brighten Aesthetics of Life

Three sides of glass, fine frame, fashionable artistic aesthetics.

Intelligent optical lighting system, colour-adjustable stripe light. 

Artistic background wall. 

Various carpet, both romantic French style and Chinese classics can be easily matched.

Nut screw driving

No need for pit, with its own hoistway, safe, stable and no risk of falling. 

New generation screw, multi-head thread, higher strength, smoother operation.

Low maintenance frequency to keep your private space undisturbed.

Wireless call module, one mobile phone card and additional card to easily handle emergency situations.

7-hour uninterruptible power supply, free from worrying about power cuts.

Flexibility | Play your artistic imagination

17-size available, and the minimum installation area is less than 1㎡. 

A variety of rated load, shaft scheme and door directions. 

Flexible customization options for shaft and door frame colour. 

Classic black and white colour of designer selection, match variety of home decoration style. 

Balon carpet, are mildew proof, insect proof,and waterproof, and washable.

Silent-Tech | Focus on details of the improvement

Hexagonal-thread screw brings smoother and silent travel. 

New generation roller guide technology, effectively reduces the travel noise, with the new auto-lubrication technology. 

Silent brake, new motor and contactor for home-lift, lower driving noise in every details.

No bottom pit, full score for using space

No bottom pit requirements, no worries about water leakage.

Up to 70% space utilization.

No bottom pit easy to clean, no sanitary dead ends, keep the home clean and bright

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