Advantages of joining us

With the widespread demand for barrier-free solutions around the world, Housty is based in Europe,it radiates the world, and continues to develop and expand partnerships. At present, a marketing center is set up in Shanghai, China, and a production base is set up in Suzhou, China, insisting on long-term development. Provide global users with a wide range of barrier-free solutions to improve the quality of life.

Professional Quality
A new generation of nut screw lift, fast running speed, low noise, high space utilization, stable system, good product durability and strong safety.
Extraordinary Design
Adhering to the consistent style of British design, it not only pays attention to the appearance of the product, but also emphasizes the technical structure and practicality of the product, combines the romance and passion of the Italian style and the rationality and rigor of the German style, reflecting the deep combination of the appearance design and engineering technology of the product.
Worry-free Service
One-stop empowerment service for the whole process to provide professional franchise guidance for each partner.
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